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That's right. To this account.

After flipping through various old artworks of mine and all of the randomness, I began to miss coming up with the most nonsensical stuff ever. I realized that as I grew up and life got busier, I haven't really been free-minded enough to just draw random stuff and a lot of my humor sorta just died with my childhood. I can't believe I've been on here since I was twelve years old, ya know? A lot about me has changed, but some things haven't. One thing for sure is the fact that I will always be a child at heart, and despite the many responsibilities life has thrown at me, growing up does not mean that I will quit what I enjoy doing.

I miss the obsession and passion I had for drawing, I miss carrying a sketchbook everywhere I'd go in case of a new idea, how easily inspired I was.. sometimes I wish I could break out of my adulthood for a moment and free my mind; take back my vivid imagination.

That is why I am here, and contemplating a return here. I am going to also return to my other account, :iconlacewhite:, too.

I'm just juggling work, projects, and keeping my life afloat and rent paid, so don't hold me to it just yet.

I'll get there.

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Haven't you a dev of Akamaru?? Kiba's dog in Naruto??
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